The Shadow Of Dreams

by The Othello Syndrome

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released January 1, 1999

All songs by Paul Kadmon & Martin Rosser
Produced by The Othello Syndrome & Rob Reed



all rights reserved


The Othello Syndrome UK

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Track Name: Father Of Leeches
Hunted down, like a wolf
Fear from all
On the run, from the sun
Life to all
And yet these eyes will never see a new sunrise
I'm free to roam this realm of mine from unseing eyes

There was no reason
For this treason
To my kind
The King of Creatures
Father of Leeches will not resign

I sense you all, and watched the fall
Of Heaven
Mortal warriors, don't stand a chance
From my kind
Inspite of this, I'm a prisoner
Of the night
Only fire and sun, can strike me down
From this world

And I must not ever reveal my name
I am the shadow of dreams at dawn
The soul of winter and death are one
In my hands I have them all
Track Name: Empty Heaven, Material Hell
Cruising through this life of expectance
A victim of it all
Possesions taking pride of place
All value and no soul

Territory and history says
Gain must have a price
To steal your father's last bag of dreams
Or sell your sister's lies

What would you do and where would you go
If Heaven opened now?
What would you take and where would you stay
Empty Heaven, material Hell

Material wealth makes no sense at all
The price is way above
Human greed just outweighs the need
An empty treasure trove
Just watch the children hurt the children
It's something to be learned
The answer is life and not piety
A truth that must be earned
Track Name: Interlecherality
I like to read lots of books about mankind
And all his troubles
There's lots to learn about man and woman
And that's my trouble

I can't seem to find love in print
Especially as I'm young and skint

Reading books can't find me love
I'm such a nerd
Women just don't look at me
What's a bird?

I learned about sex in a James Herbert novel


I'd love to have my own girlfriend I'd read her stories
From Dostoyesvky
We could go for romantic walks in Middle Earth with all the hobbits
Or Gormenghast

I learned about rats in a Jilly Cooper novel
Track Name: Remember
Twenty thousand men
Waited for the call
Running hard, running fast, running
For the fall
Sixty thousand loved ones
Waiting for them in vain
Waiting long, waiting hard, waiting
For the pain
Fifty thousand bullets
Each with its own will
Flying hard, flying fast, flying
For the kill
One hundred generals
Each with his own plan
Thinking hard, thinking fast, affecting
Every man

If I should die
Will you send this letter to my home?
If you should die
Do you want me to do the same for you?
If we should die
Who will tell them how we loved them all?
If we should die
Who will blame the generals for it all?
If I should die
Will you tell her that I love her evermore?
If we should die
Who will tell the world what this war is for?

I don't want to die
There are so many untold things for me to do
We don't want to die
There are so many untold things for us to do
If I should die
Will you send this letter to my home?
If we should die
Who will tell the world what this war is for?
If I should die.....?

Please remember what this war is for
Mud and bloodshed soaked in the land
All this dying what's it for, the war?
Pain and sorrow, soaked in the land
Please remember what's it for, the war
Mud and bloodshed, soaked in the land
All this dying, what's it for the war?
Pain and sorrow, soaked in the land

Twenty thousand graves
Each with a white cross
Fading hard, fading fast, fading
With our loss
Track Name: All I Want For Christmas Is A Tri-Visual Audio Dynamic System
CD-Roms and the internet are the wonder
The new wonder of this new world
A world of wonder that's forgotton
Forgotten treasures that we share
We share despair on a video
Video is our culture
A culture shock for me and you
For me and you there is...


Look inside your TV eye to a window
A window into a dreamland
A dreamland where there's no hunger
For me and you there is...

There is nothing
There is nothing left
There is nothing left for us to talk about

Open out, and hold out hands for a woman
The woman is now the hunter
The hunter controls the jungle
For me and you there is...

Empty hearts and empty minds are the wonder
The new wonder of this old world
A world of lies that lie forgotten
For me and you there is...
Track Name: Hear Me
I was a servant to my lord and master
We would never hurt another
Only good we would do
I lived alone in a remote cottage
Until that summer they tried to stop us
Helping others through
They thought that I was a slave of Satan
Cursing others, full of hate
And life in carnal sin

Hear me, Father
Hear me, Father
Hear me, Mother Earth
Hear me, Mother Earth

They tied me up and sent me to the manor
To face the banner of the Witchfinder
Facing certain death
He ordered that I should face the torture
Admit my guilt for the slaughter of newborn infant babes
I protested loud that I cured some sickness
With Nature's herbs, and with God's guidance
Only good I do

You lie you live in mortal sin and now must face the torturer's sting
To save you soul, you must confess
We will save your soul from Hell or you will find that you will dwell
Eternity, in agony
Confess these crimes by rights divine and I'll show mercy at the time
Of your death, oh, at the stake! Ha! Ha!
God is just and God is right and God will help you through this night
Now confess, there's no more time!

Stop this pain, he's just confessed to everything
Take him from here to a place to execute
Now burn him!

In the Lord's year 1480
I, the witch, was sent to Hades
In the Lord's year 1480
I, the witch, was sent to Hell
Track Name: The Watchman
Sitting here on my golden chair
Watching all the world passing over there
Rain pattering on my window pane
Newspaper ink on my fingers stain
Blowing smoke through a half-dead lung
Chewing food on my ulcered gum
I watch people pass as they stare right in
My living room is a room full of sin

A world of wonder
It's happening outside
A world of plunder
It's happening allright
A world of horror
It's scaring me outright
A world of retail goods
It's scaring me allright

I'm the watchman
Watching over you

The postman drops his junk through my door
The milkman leaves his cream on the floor
And all the time I am watching them
As I sit at my golden helm
Buses, cars and big lorries
Shake my windows as they speed
Leaving clouds of visible death
Waiting to steal a dying breath

I feel like everyone is watching me

Children stop and stare right in
Their angry mothers full of scolding
Telling them not to be nosy
Whilst sneaking sly glances at me
Through the years and through seasons
Sitting here trying to make sense
Of all what goes on outside
It's my only place to hide
Track Name: Spinning Top
I tried to see if I could be part of it all
A cog in a giant machine
Through wind and rain, could feel the pain of it all
A wanderer in here and insane
I watched you die and felt the lie of it all
Petals of my heart fall free

Feed the grinding mill of the push and shove
Rusty wheels go round, almost seizing up
Feed the thinking plant of the minds above
Eagles buzzing round, like a spinning top

An empty glass, broken chances are gone
Flown right to the broken land
Throw down the key, uncloth the fear of you all
Shackles of an angel's wing
Wait for me, don't leave me here all alone
A loner in this barren land

Like a spinning top
Like a spinning top